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I have heard how Broadbeach State School teaches students differently.  What is the difference?

Broadbeach’s pedagogy is Targeted Teaching. It is based on the work of Dr Anita Archer, Dr Charles Hughes, Siegfried Engelmann, P.D Pearson and M.C Gallagher, John Hollingsworth and Dr Silvia Ybarra.  The model includes aspects of both Explicit and Direct Instruction. The model also encompasses Pearson and Gallagher’s Gradual Release of Responsibility model (1983) and has been identified as the most effective way to structure a lesson to facilitate teaching and learning. It is the mandated pedagogy at Broadbeach State School and all teachers are expected to deliver their lessons using this pedagogy.

‘Explicit instruction is systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented—and has been shown to promote achievement for all students’ (Archer et. al. 2011)

All lessons delivered across the school are expected to be implemented using the Targeted Teaching Pedagogy. The lesson structure consists of a warm up, a purposeful introduction, concept/skill being taught through the structure of I DO, WE DO and YOU DO and finally review. Checking for Understanding is a crucial element of Targeted Teaching and it occurs within every phase of the lesson. Equally crucial to this model is understanding the curriculum intent, decision based pre-assessment and the meaningful use of technology.

What is the difference between Religious and Values Education?

Students have the option of participating in a 30 minute Interdenominational religion class or a Values Education class once per week. 

What is Religious Instruction (RI)?

In Years 1 to Year 6 students may attend Religious Instruction run by volunteers of a local faith group. Options available at Broadbeach State School are non-denominational Christian Religious Instruction or Jewish Religious Instruction.

What is Values Education?

The Broadbeach State School Values Education program is centred on Six Pillars of Character. The Values program complements the school behaviour plan and the three School Rules:

Be Safe; Be Responsible; Be Respectful

Values Education lessons are taught to students who do not participate in Religious Instruction. Some of the values taught include honesty, respect, fairness, gratitude, kindness, commitment, courage, punctuality, teamwork, compassion and perseverance. These values are also taught in Religion classes through a Christian lens.

What do I do if I need to collect my child early from school?

If you require early collection of your child due to an appointment or urgent situation please email the school at or provide a letter/message to your child's class teacher.  This communication should state the time you wish to have your child ready for collection at the office, and the reason for the early departure.  Please click here for future information regarding early/late departures and class times.

Last reviewed 03 June 2020
Last updated 03 June 2020