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Our outside hours school care service is provided by Gold Coast Police-Citizens Youth Club. School facilities are hired to Gold Coast PCYC in C block.

Contact and enquiries

For information regarding this service please see PCYC website (is currently being updated). Please call coordinator and nominated supervisor Katrina for any further information regarding vacation care, before and after school care.

Mobile: 0417 754 241


“With PCYC you'll be prepared to take on the world”

Welcome to Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) School Age Care Services. From The Cape to the Gold Coast, our school age care services provide families the peace of mind of knowing their children are being cared for in a safe environment by enthusiastic, dedicated and qualified Educators.


PCYC Gold Coast – Broadbeach School Hours Care aims to provide a quality childcare service for the students of Broadbeach State School and their families. CYC Gold Coast – Broadbeach School Hours Care aims to provide a quality childcare service for the students of Broadbeach State School and their families.

Our staff will encourage different kinds of play enabling children to acquire a range of skills needed for learning, healthy growth and social development. Our service will encourage the principles of good citizenship.

We believe that:

  • the primary focus of SAC must be the individual child in their middle childhood years
  • parents are the most important people in a child’s life
  • children learn through play by doing
  • children need to feel safe and secure in the child care environment
  • the effective childcare worker focuses on thinking, processes, and has understanding of the children’s learning

At PCYC Gold Coast-Broadbeach SAC we will provide:

  • An environment for the children to enhance their creative and social skills by socializing with their peers
  • A safe and developmentally appropriate program for school age children
  • At Before School Care a nutritional breakfast and planned craft activities
  • At After School Care a nutritional afternoon tea, a minimum of 1 hour of physical activity, planned sporting and art and craft activities
  • A Vacation Care Program which contains physical games planned sporting activities, art and craft activities, interesting incursions and excursions and a snack at afternoon tea
  • Educators whose main focus is to treat children as an individual with individual needs and abilities
  • Each child will have freedom of choice in their play
  • Outdoor vigorous play that will enhance the child’s motor skills
  • Opportunities for children to pursue quiet activities

Fee Policy

Parents will be sent a weekly invoice via email and the parent’s payment will be processed through direct debit weekly. Payment plans can be arranged if necessary.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in your child/children being removed from our rolls.

Parent’s payment is the Gap Fee after the Child Care Benefit has been applied by our software program. To further reduce your fees please see staff regarding applying your CCS payment to your childcare fees. When parents receive their invoice it is advisable to check that your bookings and all other information are correct. Please read our Fee policy which can be found in our Enrolment Pack.

Late Fee

Our service closure time is 6.00pm, collection after this time will incur a late collection fee of $5.00 for the first 5 minutes; then $1.00 for every minute after. Accounts will be debited this fee and prompt payment is appreciated.

Refunds and Changes in Bookings

All cancellations will be credited if made within 48 hours of the booking: all services are equipped with answering machines and mobile phone to assist parents to notify the service regarding cancellations even on the weekends.

Conditions Of Attendance

All children participating in our childcare programs must be members of the QPCYWA. Membership is $20 per child per year. All children are to be signed in and out by an authorised person with the time in or out. All children are required wear enclosed shoes.

Prep children will be collected from their classrooms by educators while other students walk to the School Age Care facility directly after the finish of school. Parents must notify our staff if children are not attending the service after a booking has been made. This is a safety measure.

Parent/Child Information Confidentiality

All records relating to families using our services are secured in a safe location where unauthorized persons will not have access to this information. Educators must adhere to PCYC Code of Confidentiality. A copy of PCYC Privacy is displayed at the service.


  • To assist us in booking your child/ren into our service we ask that you complete the forms in our PCYC Enrolment Pack booklet.
  • All necessary forms and Parents Handbook are available from the service or on PCYC Queensland.
  • If you have any further questions please contact our Coordinator on the details listed above
  • We look forward to you and your family joining our PCYC School Age Community!

Nominated supervisor

  • Katrina Carrick

Approved provider

  • QLD Police-Citizens Youth Welfare AssociationPR-0000659

Service provider

  • PCYC Gold Coast-Broadbeach SAC SE-00002144

Last reviewed 08 March 2023
Last updated 08 March 2023