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Thanks to the many parents who have provided feedback, comments and 'shout outs' in relation to Learning@Home.  Such positive and encouraging comments assist greatly in motvating students, other parents and our staff. 

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The following is a selection of positive and supportive comments - classes along with student, teacher and parent names have been removed for privacy and confidentiality.

Hope you are well!  I just thought I’d drop you a few lines to say a big thank you for the wonderful support you, the teachers and staff have have given us in these  bizarre times.  I’ve really appreciated the regular updates from you - both written and in person. Both [daughters] have been enjoying the online learning.  It’s been very organised and well-prepared which has been awesome.  We’re a bit of a full house at present … It’s been a really interesting experience, but I think the kids will all be looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone again.  Thanks again and have a great weekend!

Sorry, [my daughter] missed you on the discussion board earlier.  She wanted me to tell you that she really enjoyed her lesson and the origami today - her carp looked quite good.  She thought some of the teachers’ ones were pretty funny.

[My daughter] is very happy and wishes you a well-deserved long weekend. Thank you for all your guidance and assistance this week.

Yes yes yes!!!! Thanks to [Family Support] for coming out to our house and set up elearning, there's no excuse now.😊 Every home needs [Family Support].😁, and a very warm thank you [to you] and all other teachers

Hi there. Here's [my daughter’s] writing from today. Hope you enjoy it :-)
Hope you had a nice weekend! We're looking forward to another week ahead of learning. Thanks again for all of your fantastic support and encouragement! It's very much appreciated. The lessons have been great and very well-organised. Thank you for all the hard work :-)

Thank you for taking the time to mark [my daughter’s] work. She will be very happy with the comments. 😁. I know you have a lot of students and a lot of work to do so I just want to thank you and I appreciate the time you take for everyone. Thank you - have a great day.

Thanks so much. [My son] has loved the Virtual Classroom and is super happy to be doing it! You guys are awesome, have a great weekend 😊

I am at work so it's hard to monitor but he does take it seriously, bless him. He is a good boy, we are very proud of him. Thank you for all your constant contact it really does make this situation a lot easier for all. I hope you are holding up ok too. Thank you again.

I think Blackboard is fantastic and really in tune with what you do in the classroom, [my daughter] has shown a lot of autonomy this week navigating the platform … and integrated the lessons in a more attentive way. Both her dad and I still managed to perform our work tasks while [my daughter] and her brother study next to us. We are definitely settling into a pleasant routine and the joy of being part of their journey outweighs the few challenges … thank you for all the work performed in the background.

Wow! What a day! And how good did it go!? That really could have gone pear-shaped doesn’t matter how much everyone does everything right. I do project roll outs at work and guaranteed the first few days are a disaster. Today was amazing. No issues logging in etc.

The entire staff at Broadbeach State School have blown us away with the quality of the material they have provided for us.  They’ve made the lessons, fun, interactive and diverse to keep the kids engaged. We are so grateful for their dedication, effort, talent and compassion throughout. (ABC Brisbane post)

Wow have to say yet again “I have a whole new respect for what teachers do. Teaching our own kids is certainly challenging however we survived and agree this week we have more of a groove and think we have worked a good routine, we have a lot more confidence leading into Week 2

Thank you for the daily updates on class dojo, the clear and detailed emails explaining the resources have been helpful. Thank you for your support this week.

The online learning that Broadbeach has provided is easy to navigate. The announcements page and timetable have made everything clear each day.

I feel confident supporting [my daughter] with her online learning and all things considered, it has run smoothly in our home so far. Thank you!

[My son] has adjusted well to online learning because the resources, PowerPoints and activities are familiar to him. It’s been amazing to watch him work with such confidence. He flicks through the PowerPoints and writes his answers on his whiteboard, checks the answer and then rubs it off ready for the next activity.

We are very proud of him and we are grateful to you [both] for supporting him and us. He has always had such wonderful teachers.”

Thanks, I LOVE your wreath, you did such a good job. I hope you had as much fun making it as I did mine. Thanks for sharing it with me. Legend! Cheers!

Thank you for your amazing organisation - it has been a fun week of learning!!! A new milestone in that new home schooling journey

The email just to let you know we are alive and [my son] is cracking on with the modules however we are suffering from P.T.S.D Parent's, Traumatised by Student Defiance 

Friday tomorrow, first week just about done and dusted, well done to you and the rest of the teachers. We are in awe and very appreciative. Take care, many thanks
Thanks for all your support in this starting. We all realized clearly that you love what you do. Congratulations and thank you again. Have a Good Weekend.

Thank you for your amazing organisation - it has been a fun week of learning!!! A new milestone in that new home schooling journey! 

It took until 3.00 to finish the work but I have never seen such concentration. I was very impressed with my daughter’s work ethic.

I really cannot imagine the logistics for getting all of the curriculum on-line, I really can’t, so I just wanted to acknowledge the work, prior organisation and commitment, thank you so much!

Our closest friends attend [another school] and they had a very stressful day, they have received very limited emails, no log ons etc. The family were feeling very stressed. We were happy to report our day was just great!

Broadbeach has just been amazing, thank you so much!

I cannot hold myself to share the amount of work and dedication [my daughter] is putting into her home schooling. She is being extremely serious about it and deserve some recognition from school as an example and inspiration if I must say. She is so organised after I organised her new desk - her books are so tidy - she writes a lot of notes - she doesn’t stop until she get it done - today she was doing science until 4:20pm!!! Even I told her to stop at 3pm.
Yesterday [my daughter] felt overwhelmed with the amount of work she still have to do and it was almost 3pm. I told her to finish her writing task today instead of yesterday. She took 35min to only write that paragraph as she wanted the best possible in her story to end the story - and she wasn’t sure if it was good enough – [her] Autism Spectrum was screaming yesterday in perfectionism - and I had to beg her to have a break.

Just a quick note to let you know, kids are enjoying the online system and studying a few hours each day. We are very grateful for this opportunity to continue learning and appreciate your effort alongside the other teachers. Thanks so much. Hope you’re well and looking forward to being able to meet again soon. It has been a difficult time for us, but I was so proud he started his school work on his own this morning (without my knowledge).

[We] got creative and picked flowers from our garden to create our Wreath. [My son’s] great grandfather was a prisoner of war for 5 years during World War II. Celebrating Anzac Day is a very important to our family. We will be holding a wreath in our driveway tomorrow morning. Have a great weekend.

For breakfast I had peanut butter and honey on toast and I have completed Mathletics and the Maths WTC, I am starting literacy.

Also just wanted to say thanks for all of the time and effort you have put into remote learning, it’s such a crazy time! I appreciate all that you have done and are doing to ensure [my son] can access materials. Thank you 
I don’t know how you teachers do it …. You really are appreciated. 
Stay safe and we will see you soon.

Got it – by the way if you haven’t been told this today I want to be the first. You are doing an amazing job and your communication with us has been outstanding and very much appreciated. It is lovely for [my daughter] and us to know she is being supervised, guided, encouraged and supported from a distance. Thank you.

Thanks for all your messages and support – we are really enjoying the schooling from home.

I must say the teaching materials are well prepared. I can imagine the amount of time and efforts you have made. I feel so lucky to have you. Excellent and a big Thank.

[My son] is missing school and his friends but eagerly doing activities every day.  We are doing soundwaves (got to love You tube), writing and singing the day, date, month and season every morning, numbers, reading including decodable readers, exercise (PE with Joe is great),  board games and other games, lots of Lego, drawing and writing, helping around the house and generally having fun.  The day goes really quickly.  Oh and the online programs too.

Even made the peg board to keep behaviour in check!  I love what you have taught him so far and trying to keep it going to give him some normality and so it will be easy when all of this is over.

Thank you for everything you have been doing to help the children with the online work – you must be under a lot of pressure but I wanted to say how we as parents appreciate. Thanks again

It has been great to have them dressed in school uniform each day to really set the scene and create some normality for school work and days. We have followed the break times and timetable elements as best we can and he is really proud each time you give him feedback and recognition. So thank you!!!
This home schooling is a tough gig.  My hat goes off to you and all the teachers out there.

The slides and work you've provided are great!

Thank you for everything you do and are doing for the kids.

[My son] said his new teacher (his mum) is terrible and he is missing you both

Can I just say we have been super impressed by the online platform, preparation and professionalism shown by BBSS, and more so yourself in particular, we couldn’t be more happy or grateful to currently be part of this school and in particular have u as a teacher.  Much gratitude and admiration

Can’t thank you enough. Love your energy and enthusiasm you keep me going as well.

I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than you in providing information, reassurance, support and kindness to the parents! We ALL love you! Have a great weekend

Yes love this - we started the exercise books yesterday - I bought a 4 subject book and they are sorting their subjects that way so everything is in one book but they can follow by subject. I will make sure they leave 2 lines between work for you. They have written their creative writing pieces yesterday but I still need to upload for you (will make sure it’s done).

The girls are enjoying online learning and have been really motivated to get stuck into the lessons. They have also been making their own Powerpoints on the computer and picking up other computer skills as well which is a bonus. Hope you’re having a great day too.

You guys are doing a fantastic job there. It is also great to see the Principal out at school drop offs in the morning. Have a good day.

[My son] has really enjoyed the lessons. He loves the things which remind him of class like the 'I listen with my hands...' song. He also chuckles when he sees the Avatars of the teachers.

The lessons are lots of fun. He'd much prefer to be in school but has really enjoyed the online experience. 

Well done to you and a big pat on the back for supporting our myriad of questions on  both fronts, parents and children, while also doing all the preparation, 
correction do you fit it all in? 

Thank you for keeping in touch and all your hard work. It really means a lot! You are Amazing ! Wishing you a lovely morning.

Have a super weekend and a giant hug from [my son]. (He's so pleased to get his extra mark in HASS, he was so sure that it had marked him wrong. Thanks for getting it fixed.)

You guys are doing such an amazing job – THANKYOU! So much criticism & negative publicity in the media, but Broadbeach is going great!

Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so very much for doing such an AMAZING job with these work at home arrangements.

My kids are thriving with the work and it is so well set out.  The teachers have been so supportive and wonderful. My son is dyslexic and uses a screen reader at home to read content to him, but it wasn’t working with the power point.  Then we found [his teacher’s] Powerpoints that have voice over and it just made our day as my son could access the lessons independently!!!!

A lot of hard work has gone into delivering this teaching and I just wanted to let you know it is working and you have done an awe inspiring job of it!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you!!! We got onto learning place eventually and got through the tasks. I have spoken to friends from other schools and they struggled with home schooling today. I am so so so grateful for the never-ending professionalism of Broadbeach School. I printed the weekly timetable you uploaded, then highlighted the daily tasks in pink; a few times a week tasks in orange and the and weekly activities in green and laminated it so [my son] can tick off as they are done each week. It is fantastic that the virtual classroom reflects the face to face timetable and we will be able to easily follow that. I have also printed and laminated a daily schedule for the boys to tick off too.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the organisation and structure you provided on virtual classroom. We will be in touch on the discussion board if we have any problems or just to say hi. I truly hope your first day of COVID teaching wasn't too exhausting.

Honestly thank you so much and can you please pass on my gratitude to the Japanese/Music and HPE teachers and Mr Langes for his leadership.

In our house we go around the table at dinner and share the best and worst part of our day – [my daughter] said the best part of her day was hearing your voice (which means she is totally over hearing mine)

Just wanted to say how awesome the whole online learning is. You guys have done a brilliant job. The only struggle I had was with (my son’s) attitude.  I hope everything went as smoothly as possible for you and all the teachers? Thank you so much?

It was a little challenging getting started but once we logged on and got into it, it became very straight forward.

Thank you for all you’re all doing. It really doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ve always loved teachers and have had the utmost respect for this particular profession but never more so than today.

Thank you very much for all you doing in this uncertain time - we appreciate you.

I agree with [my son] you are the best teacher in the universe :)



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Last reviewed 08 May 2020
Last updated 08 May 2020